The Real AC Test

“The Real AC Test” is an independent service provider for testing cable system of all types and rated voltage, Gas Insulated Substation (GIS), Gas Insulated Transmission Line (GIL), Power Transformer and Rotating Machine up to 720 Kv.

Cables are an essential part of the power grid especially in growing cities and countries. Even more, cables play an important role as the backbone of power supply. Therefore new cable system need a quality acceptance test after their assembling on site. Only when this test is performed in a similar way as in factory with AC test voltage, the cable system can be considered as reliable and put into operation. The mobile AC Test System is also well suited for diagnostic test on service-aged cable systems.

As onsite testing is required to deliver testing stresses which represent operational stresses, an AC voltages test near power frequency is mandatory. The powerful AC test systems mounted on standard 40 feet trailers bring benefit to onsite requirement for fast setup and easy operation during testing.

For HV test GIS, GIL we fo the on-site testing using modular reactor type.

For Power Transfromer testing we do the on-site testing using induced test mounting on standard 40 feet trailer and for applied test we are using the modular reactor type.

For HV Test of Rotating Machine, we are using the on-site test mounting on the mini van.

We do also partial discharge measurement during HV Test, using different suitable method, UHF, HF, Accoustic and IEC 60270.



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