The companies concern in terms of safety and health as well as to improve the competence of the company’s work for Indonesian region make High Volt Technology sent some of its employees to attend skills training for health and safety expert at work carried out by Ministry of manpower and transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia. This training is one requirement for companies to have health and safety experts in which through these people who sent by the company is expected to bring more attention to the importance of health and safety in workplace and to implement government regulation in the company’s operations. Some functions of the health and safety experts in the company is to see, analyze, inform and evaluate the potential hazards that may arise, prevent and provide an alternative solution and promote the best way in production process in behalf of companies and workers. Another function is being an intermediary between companies, workers and government; monitor the work place whether the regulations is implemented or not, ensuring the health and safety of employees and maintain the company’s assets from damage. It is expected that by having experts for safety and health at work, Hiigh Volt Technology can be more competent in the operations process based on health and safety and to continue to maintain the target of zero accident in company operations.