Transformer Consulting

Service details:

A. Consulting for aquisition of new transformers
Specification / design
Connection to Grid
Evaluation of bids / support for contractual procedure
Control of manufacturing
Control of final acceptance in work / onsite

B. Evaluatiuon of existing transformers
Residual life time strength
Evaluation of condition
Life Managemen Conservation

C. Transformer Population Management (TPM)
Residual life time strength of populations
Planning of TPM-Procedures
Implementing of TPM-Procedures
Control and support of TPM-Procedures
Application of conservation systems

D. Public and In-House Seminars for Transformer Users
Condition evaluation
Ageing assessment
Conservational assessment

E. Others
Consulting in transforming, distributing or transporting of Electric Power System


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Office 88 Tower Lt. 32
Kota Kasablanka
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav.88
Jakarta Selatan – 12870 Indonesia


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