SA 30i LCM for Lightning Arrester

SA 30i LCM for Lightning Arrester


  • Simple, lightweight, portable, feature-rich, affordable.
  • Measures 3rd harmonic resistive current with system harmonic compensation*, and the total leakage current.
  • In-built temperature measurement facility enables calculation of temperature compensated leakage currents.
  • Results are displayed on LCD, printed on thermal printer and can be stored in the in-built memory of the instrument. 1000 test records can be stored.
  • Built-in standard calibration source for self-calibration check facility.
  • USB communication port to transfer data to PC having Windows based data management software.
  • SA identity creation, Data management, Analysis and Trending through SAData software.
  • Facility for testing of GIS LAs available optionally thorugh Field PT input.
  • The instrument is supplied along with a low noise Clamp-on CT, Field Probe assembly for system harmonics compensation*, Test Leads suitable for EHV class LAs*, Thermal paper roll*, SAData software installation CD and a Calibration Certificate.


Parameter SA 30i SA 10i
 Total Leakage Current Range  Up to 10mA 
 Field Probe Current Range  Up to 10mA 
 Resolution  Up to 1µA  Not available
 Inputs  External Clamp-on CT, Field Probe, External PT (110V AC) – Optional External Clamp-on CT
Display 4 line x 20 character large backlit LCD 2 line x 16 character backlit LCD
Compensation Automatic for Noise, System Voltage, System Harmonic & Temperature Automatic for Noise, System Voltage & Temperature
 Temperature Sensor Inbuilt silicon thermometer Inbuilt silicon thermometer
Self-calibration Check Built-in source available No
PC Connectivity Yes 
Memory 1000 results
Printer Inbuilt Thermal Printer Not available
Battery 11V / 2200mAh, Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery 7.4V / 1150mAh, Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery charging 100-270V AC, 50 / 60Hz ± 10%, 1 Phase 100-270V AC, 50 / 60Hz ± 10%, 1 Phase
Dimension 415 x 330 x 200mm 190 x 129 x 50mm
Instrument Weight 7.5 kg 1.5 kg


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