Scope – CRM 200B Contact Resistant Meter

Scope – CRM 200B Contact Resistant Meter

CRM 200B Contact Resistant Meter

CRM 200B directly measures micro-ohm values at 200 Amps DC under live switchyard conditions. CRM 200B is specially designed to reliably measure contact resistance of circuit breakers, isolators, busbar joints, welded joints etc., under the hostile electrostatic noise found in live EHV switchyards upto 765 kV.

Inbuilt rechargeable battery tremendously enhances utility as AC supply connectivity is not required.CRM 200B operates on a rechargeable battery as well as Mains supply. It has a built-in constant current source, a precision instrumentation amplifier, digital readout and control logic.

A pulse of 200A DC is passed through the test object and voltage drop is sensed using the classical Kelvin’s 4 wire method to measure contact resistance. Both test current and resistance value are displayed on LCD.